the matchstick that kept burning

Everybody has a story...
Some journeys are more complicated than others.

Also avaliable in ePUB, Mobi & PDF.

In Paulette Graham's debut memoir, an unlikely heroine becomes a true inspiration and a fighter, who believe in change. She maintains a certain principle, even when all she saw was pure darkness. Because of her determination, it empowered her ability to achieve her goals...

Also avaliable in ePUB, Mobi & PDF.

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As an author, writing a story whether it's fiction or non-fiction. People will always relate, which gives that story life.


Song writing takes me into another direction. Its all about connecting with people, sharing experiences and making a difference to people's lives.


Writing poems was my first discovery into connecting with my thoughts and then it was followed by connecting with people.
The Matchstick that KEPT Burning

“About ten months into their relationship, Rose fell pregnant, she was scared but felt confident that Calvin, wouldn’t abandon her and their baby, considering it was the first child for them both. Suddenly the cracks start to appear, the signs were too clear to avoid, Rose, tried convincing herself he was trying to do the fatherly thing, as he was expected to do. By then Rose, was still working with Ms Peg, she had morning sicknesses, some days she was unable to go into work, she would stay home. He came around as much as he could, using work as an excuse. Rose would often ask him, if everything was all right, he kept saying yes, but still his actions were confirming his behaviour.“

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Paulette Graham

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